Clean Eating Meal Plan #2



Clean Eating is a whole-foods approach to living without dieting.
You’re crowding out the “not-so-good” with more nourishing foods
so you can enjoy your food without feeling deprived or
experiencing the negative consequences of poor food choices.


You get 4 weekly meal plans with recipes and shopping list!
You don’t have to think about what to eat, you just have to make it and enjoy it! 


**This meal plan was previously the Clean Eating Challenge


**Meal plan available to download from checkout page following checkout.






The Clean Eating Meal Plan #2 is the perfect start for anyone looking to improve their health by eating real foods and a great boost for clean eaters wanting to refocus or find a little more variety! This is just like the Clean Eating Meal Plan, but with new recipes! 


Shifting my diet to “eating clean”  has been one of the most beneficial things for me both physically and mentally. I used to struggle with IBS and other gut issues, almost daily out-of-control sugar cravings, and feel guilty for eating anything but what I thought was perfect. Since the shift to a more clean eating lifestyle I have not only healed my gut (I did some other specific diet changes for this as well) and stopped my cravings, but most importantly found a balanced and healthy (no guilt) relationship with food. Freedom! 🙂


Looking back on my journey there are so many things I wish I had known, but unfortunately I floundered through the changes with a lot of trial and error! You don’t have to flounder! You can be confident that the meal plans are put together in a way to help you get the most benefit physically while guiding you toward a healthy and balanced relationship with food!


What is eating clean?

  • Clean eating is a whole-foods approach to living without dieting. You’re crowding out the “not-so-good” with more nourishing foods so you can enjoy your food without feeling deprived or experiencing the negative consequences of poor food choices.
  • Eating clean isn’t a fad, nor is it scary. It is going back to eating real, whole foods that can be easily found in nature.
  • It doesn’t have to be boring. Eating clean is enjoying the many fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meats, nuts, seeds etc.  in a variety of ways!
  • Eating clean nourishes your body and provides a great base of vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients.
  • It improves energy, encourages a healthy weight, decreases inflammation, and can help balance blood sugars.
  • Eating clean helps you manage and ultimately get rid of sugar cravings.
  • Eating clean provides a confidence boost knowing that you are caring for yourself well.


What to expect:

The week one meal plan is a bit more strict to give your body and digestive system a bit of a rest, but in the meal plans for weeks 2-4 you will find a little more balance while still maintaining a overall clean diet. The plans are structured to help manage blood sugars and keep excess hunger and cravings away while finding a healthy balance with a variety of foods.

Also included are simple goals related to exercise, water intake, and sleep for a bigger picture of overall healthy living and nourishing your body.



This meal plan can be gluten and dairy free VERY easily. Only a couple adjustments (like leaving cheese off a salad and using almond or coconut milk).



What’s included?

  • 4 Weekly meal plans, recipes, and shopping list so there’s no guesswork in what to eat.
    • I’ve worked to keep the meal plans realistic and doable, including the use of leftovers, using easy to find ingredients etc.
  • Bonus Goal setting guide
  • Bonus Intuitive eating guide
  • Other wellness goals (water, exercise, sleep etc)



Once you purchase the Clean Eating Meal Plan, you can automatically download the plans from the checkout page. 

Intuitive eating handout
Goal setting and ‘whys” worksheet 
4 weekly meal plans with recipes and shopping list (including additional wellness goals)





What others had to say about Grace, Goals, & Guts Meal Plans:


I enjoyed having a menu for every week and the recipes were great. We ate some food we had never tried and really liked it?. I will be using these recipes again in the future. — Janet A. 


This challenge was what I needed to bring myself back to Whole Foods and enjoying life again! Before this challenge I found myself depressed, comparing myself to others, being lazy, and all in all just not caring about myself! I needed accountability and knowing that others were going through the same attitudes about themselves as I. Thank you Leslie for the encouragement, accountability, and the care you gave me. I will continue to stay eating right and exercising as I should! Thank you!!!  — Sue N.