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45 Minute Sessions
$40-50 per session

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Do you know how to exercise but struggle actually making it happen or aren’t getting the results you want? Train with me to learn how to best reach your goals and discover the multitude of benefits exercise has on your health! No need for gym membership as I provide training at my office and teach you workouts that can often be repeated at home, saving you time as well as money.


I graduated with a BS degree in Exercise Science (as well as Nutrition/Dietetics) and have been a certified personal trainer since 2008. Just as I love helping people develop healthy, realistic habits in regards to the foods we eat, the same is true for exercise. I will help you find ways you can actually enjoy being physically active and how you can fit it into your busy schedule.


If you are interested in a specific exercise plan to do on your own, contact me! I will develop a unique plan based on your level of fitness as well as the equipment you have available that is best suited to meet your fitness goals.


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