Reboot Package



7 Sessions:

Initial Assessment (60-75 minutes)
+ 6 Follow-ups (40-45 minutes)




*My gastro issues have baffled medical practitioners (including 2 previous nutritionists) for years. Finding Leslie has changed everything. Her advice is "spot on" and easy to follow. The LEAP testing gave me the reassurance needed to know what foods caused issues and what doesn't. Leslie's insights in to recipes and alternatives means that's I'm not guessing at what might work. Her personal training advice has my body in better shape than its been for years and I've lost 15 pounds! In short, don't wait to see her. You'll be happy you did!

Marsha M.

*Over the past several months Leslie has been helping me learn how to get healthier through eating the right foods for myself and family. For a while I suspected that I had a gluten intolerance. By implementing a cleansing diet and following suggestions made by Leslie, my concern was confirmed. What I love about Leslie is that she doesn't just tell her clients what to do. She presents well-researched information, provides solutions and encourages her clients to set goals that will allow them to reach their healthy eating goals. You will not regret visiting with Leslie!

Jeannie J.