Client Testimonials

I have been wanting to lose some weight, improve my health and get fit. I was struggling and not very successful. A friend of mine suggested that I contact Leslie. She asked very pertinent questions and really took the time to understand me and my struggles. She gave me great advice and suggestions to help develop a plan for success. She is very knowledgeable, kind and patient. She is a pleasure to work with! I highly recommend Leslie if you are struggling with weight loss or just want to improve your health and fitness level.


Leslie Is Fantastic!

I'm so thankful for Grace, Goals & Guts! I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic and after trying to lose some weight and get healthy on my own without success, I reached out to G3 for help. Leslie educated me, coached me, and counseled me as I've lost 85 pounds to date and reduced my blood sugar from 6.8 to 6.2. I'm off high blood pressure meds too! I can't express how grateful I am to Leslie for helping me through my journey to get healthier!

Jeannie J.

Grace, Goals and Guts

I have never worked with a nutritionist before seeing Leslie. My family care physician recommended her and I have been more than pleased. Leslie is knowledgeable, easy to get in touch with, and very concerned about how she can be of most help. I have never before tried to make so many changes in my diet, but she made it easier than I thought was possible. Best of all, the changes put in place has changed my life and helped me with "gut issues" I have been dealing with for many years!

Debra E.

I've been working with Leslie for almost four years now. She's always been incredibly kind, patient, and motivating. I began with training and about a year ago started nutrition sessions with her as well. I have an autoimmune condition that impacts my skin and joints. With Leslie, I was able to take a food sensitivity test and remove those foods from my diet. I've seen a drastic improvement in my digestion, skin, and overall well being over the past year. Leslie genuinely listens and cares about your experiences and symptoms. She works with you to come up with solutions and steps that work for your lifestyle and abilities. She's always had a more holistic approach and I highly recommended working with her!!


I was diagnosed with SIBO over 7 years ago and had been struggling with digestive and inflammation issues ever since, along with many other symptoms tied to it. I sought help from various sources, bought a book, read online, probiotics for 3 years, adjusted my diet, etc., but never found any good or lasting solutions. A year ago I began to have unbearable, constant worsening digestive symptoms along with all kinds of skin issues, muscle weakness, and even more fatigue and inflammation than before. I contacted Leslie last May and did a food sensitivity test and began working with her following a low FODMAP diet, with a few adjustments including avoiding the sensitive foods, along with various supplements. Leslie is wonderful to work with! She breaks it down and takes one thing at a time, is very positive and motivating. I did not feel overwhelmed like I thought I would. I could not believe how quickly I felt better! It is a work in progress for me only because it is up to ME to stick to the diet and do what I need to do and it will take some time to completely heal, but I've had AMAZING results. I am so pleased and would highly recommend Leslie!

Rhonda H.

In the past 9 years, I had been to 2 different regular doctors and 2 different GI doctors for my digestive issues. They diagnosed me with IBS and later SIBO and put me on a prescription medication, but I only got some relief. Thankfully the second GI doctor suggested I go to Leslie at Grace, Goals & Guts. She asked me lots of questions, took into consideration all my symptoms, and helped me figure out what the best course of action should be. I ended up finding out that I was sensitive to quite a few foods, plus have digestive distress when I have too many high FODMAP foods. With Leslie's help, I have been able to change my diet and heal my gut. This didn't happen overnight, but it has been life changing. Through it all Leslie was so patient and great at listening to my issues, symptoms and struggles. I have recommended several people to her and will continue to do so!

Cindy J.

If you have any condition that ails you, I want to encourage you to believe that food CAN be used as medicine and you CAN do it. Most of us think we know what foods we should be eating (and maybe we do!), but Leslie helps you to put them into practice in a realistic way so that you follow through and see results. I reached out to Leslie with just a little knowledge about how the Fasting Mimicking diet could help with an autoimmune disease that I had been diagnosed with. She diligently researched it in respect to my condition and came up with a specific meal plan for me. I have done it three times (5 days each) with amazing lab results. My doctor was so pleased! Leslie followed up several times throughout the process, was genuinely interested in my progress, and celebrated with me in my results. She is a compassionate professional and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone!

Kim P.

I have been seeing Leslie for one year now. She is very easy to talk to and she listens well. She is a great encouragement through rough times in my treatment plan when things were going slow for me. Three benefits of working with Leslie are: she's flexible with scheduling, she has a very positive and happy demeanor, and she offers training/workout sessions that are different every time as well as very enjoyable! Leslie is an AWESOME person, considerate of her clients, and respectful of time appointments. Give her a try!!

Janet L.

I have been working with Leslie for several months now and I couldn’t be happier with the results and experience. Leslie is extremely encouraging and pushes me to achieve the goals we have set. The workouts are always different and now I look forward to each session. I leave feeling energized, positive and accomplished. Leslie is very personable and easy and fun to work with not intimidating at all. I would highly recommend working with Leslie and G3.

Courtney G.

I got to meet Leslie through working at Flint Hills Fitness. I came seeking her services in order to adjust my nutrition to become leaner without going on a restricted diet/macros. The first thing that impressed me was how in depth her initial assessment was. This is all the information you'll fill out before your first consultation. This showed me how much is looked at and how specific it will get depending on the individual. From this information she can not only address a variety of issues that may be occurring but will simultaneously help you achieve your goals. It is amazing to find a professional that will uniquely customize a plan to fit each clients individual needs or wants.

I only had the initial consultation and one follow up-- both were great. She made me feel comfortable in both and knew every answer to any question I had. Something else I also appreciate is she won't make you feel overwhelmed in the process, things will be addressed one step at a time.

Results--Based on my info from the assessment we actually took a different direction than I thought we would take and it's been so good! No drastic changes have been made but I have definitely seen and felt a difference in my body.
Overall I highly recommend Leslie for your nutritional needs! Also, try her recipes they are awesome.

Becca W.

A Dr. in my hometown actually referred Leslie, and I am SO thankful that he did. Also, I have been seeing a Gastroenterologist, who was very pleased that I was consulting a Registered Dietitian, and he encouraged me to continue, as he put it, she will know way more about your diet, and foods to eat and eliminate than I do! I could not agree more. Leslie, is very knowledgeable and helpful. She listens with a caring ear, and is willing to go above and beyond to be helpful. She is also very encouraging, which is very important. Especially when you are going through digestive difficulties. It is so hard to feel like you cant eat or enjoy food anymore. She not only helped me feel like there was hope and healing, but she has wonderful resources, and amazingly good, and normal recipes! And, I am happy to report that with her expertise, I feel like I am healing. Yes, it is an ongoing process, but I am so thankful to know that I have her in my corner, and I can reach out anytime I need to.

Deanna S.

I came to Leslie because I couldn't seem to get my hormones in balance. She was so welcoming and had a lot of ideas to help - but kept in mind my current lifestyle and started me with the ones best for me. It's been about a month of sticking to the plan we came up with and I already notice a big improvement!

Mariah M.

Leslie has very patiently worked with me to find the foods that negatively impact me and guided me in adopting healthier lifestyle habits. She has had so much perseverance and patience in helping me find the answers to my digestive troubles. She is also extremely positive and very good about reminding me about the progress I have made.

Since working with Leslie my main digestive issues have cleared up, I have increased energy, and a healthier relationship with food. The recipes she recommends are ones that my entire family will eat and the ingredients are easy to find. Grace, Goals & Guts is a very appropriate name! Leslie helps you learn to have grace on yourself, helps you set achievable goals and encourages you to have the guts to tackle your goals!

K. C.

I struggle with fibromyalgia and was unable to achieve my fitness goals. I gave up in frustration and am so thankful that a friend recommended G3. Leslie tailors each workout session to what works best for my body. I appreciate her helping me see exactly how I can make progress each week. I have lost inches and body fat and pain with movement is greatly diminished. She genuinely cares about clients' success and is a true pro in the fitness field.

Angelia P.

I came to Leslie hoping to just learn more about strength training and gain muscle. She taught me so many different exercises, the correct form to use, and my favorite part was a lot of the exercises you can do at home! She pushed me a lot and showed me different ways exercises could be harder and ways I could modify them. Leslie was a great cheerleader and I always felt amazing after our workouts. I am definitely going to go back to her and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is trying to achieve a healthier lifestyle!

Hannah S.

I have experienced many GI issues and was told I had IBS 6 years ago. I tried different laxatives and finally was put on a pill to take daily to help me. I already have to take a lot of pills and I wanted to see if there was a way to improve my constipation through my diet instead of relying on a pill. I met with Leslie and we talked about the different options I could do, and I chose to go on an elimination diet to see if I had any food sensitivities that I wasn't aware of.

Going on the diet was hard, but with Leslie continually checking in with me, really helped me get through it. She also provided me with recipes which helped relieve stress of trying to find my own recipes that didn't have any of the food groups that I couldn't eat. I was able to figure out what food group was bothering me, and found out ways to continually improve my gut health! I now only take my pill when needed, which is about a week to a couple of weeks, which is such a big improvement for me! If I had any questions throughout the process, Leslie would answer them and I really appreciated that. She also frequently checked in to see how I was doing, which was also really helpful!

Laura M.

*Leslie came to speak at a Cardiac Support group I belong to after having triple bypass surgery. I found her to be very well informed and sought her help with alternative ideas to heal the gastritis I have been suffering from for over 9 months. She gave me great suggestions on natural products I would not have thought of to use as well as diet information. The last endoscope I had indicated my inflammation was less severe at this time. I am sure that the combination of time, healing alternatives and medications prescribed by my GI doc have all contributed to my feeling better than I did when I first started seeing Leslie. She was very supportive and listened to what I had to say. I would highly recommend her services.


*I came to Leslie after many years of trying to lose weight on my own with little to no success. I could tell after our first meeting that she genuinely cared and wanted to help me, so I was immediately at ease and looking forward to working with her. She has taught me so much about listening to my body and what it's telling me about the foods I'm eating. I've learned more in the few short months of working with Leslie than I have in the many years of doing Weight Watchers, Atkins, calorie counting, etc. I now know what foods to avoid in order to feel better and allow my body to do what it's supposed to do. I'm looking forward to seeing less of me by this time next year thanks to Leslie!

C. S.

*There are several things that I really like about training with Leslie. I appreciate the personalization that the workouts offer, focusing on my "weak" areas and helping achieve my goals. That's something that is very hard to find in group fitness and something I struggle with on my own. I love the progress I can see and feel. The things I am learning from Leslie about form and new exercises give me the confidence and knowledge to continue working out on my own in the future. I am starting to look forward to working out and have Leslie to thank for that!

Kelly S.

*I have dealt with multiple autoimmune diseases in the past year (celiac and thyroid). I was overwhelmed and discouraged, but Leslie was such an encouragement and helped me make positive changes to my lifestyle. Her suggestions for healthier (and gluten free) breakfasts and lunches have impacted my daily energy levels and completely eliminated my need to "snack." I no longer feel as discouraged about being a celiac because she inspired me to try new foods that are delicious, healthy and gluten free. Leslie is kind, compassionate and knowledgeable, and she provided the positive push I needed to start getting healthier and helping my body to heal after dealing with debilitating autoimmune issues. 

Ashley P.

*The discomfort from all the inflammation in my body was escalating to a pain that was difficult to tolerate. Through Leslie introducing me to food that I enjoy and eliminating food that isn't easy to digest, my gut is healing and the discomfort and pain is minimal and will keep decreasing as things keep improving! It's exciting to get to a place of feeling good and feeling that way long term.

Kristi H.

*Leslie is great! As an older single women recovering from several traumatic events, I knew I wasn't taking care of myself. My Dr. gave me Leslie's card and my life has been changed!! Leslie sets realistic goals is so very supportive and encouraging while not letting you get in your own way. I have been working with her on both training and nutrition and have made great strides not only on my health but also on my mental outlook! She is the least judgmental while being the most encouraging person I can think of. Leslie and her beliefs have become an important part of my life. If anyone is considering this, please try; Leslie can truly change your life!

Sue S.

*I have had/ am having the most exceptional experience with Leslie! Two of the most amazing things about my time with Grace, Goals and Guts is that Leslie actually listens to what you have to say and she really cares about helping you. I was at a point that I was making some bad choices with my health because I was so aggravated that no one could seem to help me with all my symptoms. But Leslie listened to me and she believed me and she has continued to work just as hard for me as I have for myself and for my recovery. I just can't say enough amazing things about her. I am so blessed God brought her into my life.

Whitney J.

*After living my life with migraines, I mentioned to Dr. Kris Springer and Dr. Amy Penrod-Filby that I would like to get off the medication for migraines. They suggested acupuncture, regular chiropractic adjustments and consultation with Leslie to see if any foods were a migraine trigger. Thus began the journey on the Elimination Diet to discover how certain foods affected the way I felt. Leslie talked me through the diet and told me it would be challenging - it was! But with her encouragement and helpful suggestions along the journey, keeping a food log and trying different foods, I made it! Proud of myself for sticking to it and finding answers and relief. I still have an occasional migraine, but can usually pinpoint the cause. sometimes blaming the changing weather. Leslie is truly amazing! She coached me through a tough time, encouraging and giving alternatives along the way, educating me about food and my body in a way I had never thought of. She is knowledgeable, compassionate and generous. Now that I am "on my own" I miss our weekly visits. I would definitely recommend seeking out Leslie's program of consultation, whether food or fitness related. She is a WINNER!!

Karla W.

*My wife and I went in to see Leslie to talk about issues that we both have been facing. Leslie took the time to listen, then gave us several options to help with our energy level and general well being. After facing a life threatening illness last year I have been low on energy, and my doctors just kept adding medicines to take. She offered some alternatives that would use a more natural intake of fruits, vegetables, and other foods. I have had more energy since starting her ideas, and also have lost some weight. I would highly recommend Leslie to anyone.

Ty M.

*I came to G3 after feeling like I was a failure in my own health life. I didn't know where to start or how to be successful but I did know I needed help from someone that would keep me accountable. Leslie was just that person! Dedicated, professional, and compassionate are just a few of the words I would use to describe Leslie and G3. Instead of just handing me a diet and exercise routine, she custom-built something for me that works with my lifestyle, needs, and made me feel successful every step of the way.

Challenging would definitely be the word I would use to describe this journey. But with G3 I have not only attained every goal I have set so far, but I have gotten to feel proud of myself over and over again. What more could I ask for?

Lastly, I want to commend G3's approach on how to help people reach their goals. Grace is such a big part of it. In the past, I would mess up on my diet or didn't reach a particular goal, I was left feeling guilty and ashamed. Leslie has taught me that instead of shaming myself for making a poor choice, to question it. The poor meal I had or the morning I didn't walk isn't failure, it's an opportunity to ask why I didn't choose my health and then figure out how I can be successful. Over the last several months, instead of living with shame, I have lived feeling successful! What an incredible testimony to who Leslie and G3 is!

I would highly recommend anyone in my life who has a need in their health life to consider working with Leslie and G3.

Megan A.

*I decided to try Grace, Goals, & Guts for personal training. I worked out some on my own but I really needed someone to give me specific workouts and show me the correct form. Leslie provided all of this for me. Meeting with her not only held me accountable but also gave me new workouts that I can do from anywhere. I am very pleased with the my results and I would highly recommend Grace, Goals, & Guts to anyone.

Casey G.

*I had test after test to attempt at figuring out my digestive issues, only to come up with a blanket diagnosis that offered no solution. Leslie worked with me and I was able to improve back toward normal and feel great! She is so easy to work with, makes you feel very comfortable and is really understanding when it comes to the craziness of life! She really works with you to find a solution that can fit within your life, and solutions to heal and not just hide symptoms. She also offers a multitude of other resources that really help you reach your goals! I have already sent multiple people to Leslie and I'll only continue to do so! She's the best!

Kimberly B.

*As I approached retirement, I made the decision to reinvent myself. Thirty years in a stressful, busy environment had resulted in weight gain and exhaustion. I had a strong desire to "finish my race strong". Diets always worked initially, but this time weight loss wasn't my motivation. I knew I needed a life coach to cheer me on instead of another diet. I wanted a Live it! As I was explaining this to Dr. Kris Springer she suggested I visit with Leslie. Talk about Divine Intervention! After a brief conversation, I knew I found someone who could help me make different choices. Leslie is so encouraging! She has terrific insight! She taught me the "plate" method of eating. It has been so easy for me because her approach isn't about cutting food out it's about adding food in. People will always ask me what I can have to eat and I have such fun replying, anything I want, as long as it fits on my plate. Talk about lively conversation! Leslie encouraged me to keep a Food Log. This was very revealing and helpful. I hadn't really given any thought at all to what I was eating...just mindlessly going from one meal to another. Carbohydrates have been a problem for me and I have found when I stop using the food log, I can fall back into mindless eating, so I now look at the previous day's eating and make decisions about my choices today, especially if it was a day where I consumed more carbs than normal. This really works for me. There's no guilt or beating myself up, I just make different choices the next day! Leslie has encouraged me to try new recipes and given me some good shopping and cooking tips. She has a wealth of helpful information! I love working with her and highly recommend her to anyone who needs an enthusiastic cheerleader in their corner! I am so grateful for the impact she has had in my life!

Linda Rohs

*Leslie was great!!! She dug into not only my eating habits and work out schedule but work habits, sleeping etc. She gave me a plan I could implement the instant I walked out the door. I have seen almost instant results. She made it easy for me to lead a more healthy life style.


*Over the past several months Leslie has been helping me learn how to get healthier through eating the right foods for myself and family. For a while I suspected that I had a gluten intolerance. By implementing a cleansing diet and following suggestions made by Leslie, my concern was confirmed. What I love about Leslie is that she doesn't just tell her clients what to do. She presents well-researched information, provides solutions and encourages her clients to set goals that will allow them to reach their healthy eating goals. You will not regret visiting with Leslie!

Jeannie J.

*Leslie gave me confidence to pursue a balanced lifestyle that was not dependent upon rules, but upon choices. I know now what "healthy" looks like for my lifestyle and my body after working with Leslie.

Chloe S.

*Leslie understands the importance of recognizing your body as a host for life. I sought her counsel for relief from feeling bloated and full, no matter what time of day or what I had eaten. I typically eat low-carb, high fiber meals packed with protein and nutrients.

Leslie took me to the next level with a probiotic regime and recommendations for an alternative consumption schedule. With this simple change, I had dropped nearly 10 pounds, felt slimmer, felt less full, and all within 30 days.

Jason W.

*My gastro issues have baffled medical practitioners (including 2 previous nutritionists) for years. Finding Leslie has changed everything. Her advice is "spot on" and easy to follow. The LEAP testing gave me the reassurance needed to know what foods caused issues and what doesn't. Leslie's insights in to recipes and alternatives means that's I'm not guessing at what might work. Her personal training advice has my body in better shape than its been for years and I've lost 15 pounds! In short, don't wait to see her. You'll be happy you did!

Marsha M.

*I met Leslie the fall of 2009 when my girlfriend and I signed up for 6 weeks of buddy training at Kansas State Rec Center. Leslie was assigned to train us two mature women in their 50s who had never worked with a trainer before.  I loved it!  When I decided to workout on my own, I requested her for my personal trainer with 18 sessions January-March 2010.

My goal was to look healthy and fit for my daughter's wedding. With her guidance and challenging workouts 2x a week..I lost 17 inches and 23 pounds in 3 months.  The only part I didn't like was getting out in the cold in the evening to drive to the rec, and trying to find a parking space, and the drive home.  I wish I could afford a personal trainer to come to my house like the celebrities do.   Fast forward 4 years later...

January 2014, I was so happy to discover Leslie started her own nutrition and fitness business. And the best part....I could work out in my home for 45 min sessions twice a week. Leslie became my 4th PT.

There is nothing like working out with your Personal Trainer in your home!  Attached is a picture of my home workout studio.  Leslie created workouts that were never the same. Oh those planks, Tabata, and HIIT. She was my support and cheerleader, and I called her "Coach".

I highly recommend Leslie Graves for nutritional advice and personal training! 

Ellen W.

*I was feeling tired all the time. I was running out of energy by the afternoon, and things seemed up hill for the rest of the evening. I knew I needed help since I had already failed at helping myself. Leslie was the right person at the right time for what I needed. We sat down once a week to talk about nutrition and eating habits. In five weeks, I lost a total of four inches and gained so much energy. I had more energy in the evenings, more mental focus during the day, less cravings for bad foods, and did not feel hungry between meals. She taught me how to eat the way my body wants and needs to eat without some crazy, fad diet. I appreciate Leslie for her encouragement and her follow up with me after our five weeks together. She offered me so much grace and convinced me I had the guts to meet my goals. I learned to give myself a little grace sometimes. Thank you Leslie!

Deana P.