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Experience Healing Through Food 

Leslie Allen, RD/LD 
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
& Personal Trainer

Based in Manhattan, KS


I want…

Hello,  I’m Leslie!

I am a functional dietitian and certified personal trainer specializing in gut health, hormones, and fertility. It is my mission to help you understand and experience the power you have over your health through food and exercise.

Together, using a functional nutrition approach, we will work to figure out the root cause of imbalances in your body — instead of just addressing your symptoms. I take a deeper look through lab testing, comprehensive assessments, health history, and symptom analysis to tailor a plan just for you that is focused on supporting the body’s foundations so it can heal from within. 

I believe that food is meant to nourish the body AND be enjoyed! We will work to not only address your physical health, but also address your relationship with food. 

If you’re tired of guessing at what is best, I can help you identify underlying imbalances and make a plan you can be confident in!

Leslie has very patiently worked with me to find the foods that negatively impact me and guided me in adopting healthier lifestyle habits. She has had so much perseverance and patience in helping me find the answers to my digestive troubles. She is also extremely positive and very good about reminding me about the progress I have made.

Since working with Leslie my main digestive issues have cleared up, I have increased energy, and a healthier relationship with food. The recipes she recommends are ones that my entire family will eat and the ingredients are easy to find. Grace, Goals & Guts is a very appropriate name! Leslie helps you learn to have grace on yourself, helps you set achievable goals and encourages you to have the guts to tackle your goals!

– K. C.

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