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Nutrition Coaching

— heal from within —

Since our bodies function based on the nutrients they are given, what you eat plays a huge role in preventing, managing, and reversing illness and disease.
At times, a simple change to the diet is all it takes to help you feel better. Other times, it takes a whole body approach to rebuild and repair damage from years of stress, lack of sleep, poor diet etc. The more I study and experience how food affects health, the more I am amazed at how often the body is able to heal itself when irritating and inflammatory substances are removed and nourishing and healing substances are added in. 

Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition Assessment

Individual or Couples


Nutrition Follow-Up

Individual or Couples


Couples Nutrition Package

Nutrition Coaching Packages



3 sessions:
– Initial Assessment
– 2 Follow-ups



5 sessions:
– Initial Assessment
– 4 Follow-ups



7 sessions:
– Initial Assessment
– 6 Follow-ups

Natural Fertility Coaching

Fertility Assessment

Fertility Follow-up

fertility followup

Fertility Packages

Just interested in specific meal plans to follow?

Check out the personalized and clean eating plans!

Inflammation to Gut Healing

*The discomfort from all the inflammation in my body was escalating to a pain that was difficult to tolerate. Through Leslie introducing me to food that I enjoy and eliminating food that isn’t easy to digest, my gut is healing and the discomfort and pain is minimal and will keep decreasing as things keep improving! It’s exciting to get to a place of feeling good and feeling that way long term.

– Kristi H.
If you have any condition that ails you, I want to encourage you to believe that food CAN be used as medicine and you CAN do it. Most of us think we know what foods we should be eating (and maybe we do!), but Leslie helps you to put them into practice in a realistic way so that you follow through and see results. I reached out to Leslie with just a little knowledge about how the Fasting Mimicking diet could help with an autoimmune disease that I had been diagnosed with. She diligently researched it in respect to my condition and came up with a specific meal plan for me. I have done it three times (5 days each) with amazing lab results. My doctor was so pleased! Leslie followed up several times throughout the process, was genuinely interested in my progress, and celebrated with me in my results. She is a compassionate professional and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone!
– Kim P.

Interested in restoring your gut health?

Gut health is a trendy topic these days, but having a healthy gut isn’t just a trend!

As Hippocrates said “All disease begins in the gut.”

If you are interested in a self study course to pinpoint food triggers and heal your gut, check out the Gut Healing Course.