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What to Expect

— when working with Leslie —

What Can I Expect When I Book an Appointment?

The main goal of the free 20 minute consult is to be sure we’d be a good fit in working together. I want you to feel comfortable with me and I want to be sure that I am the best one to help you.

I want to hear what you are struggling with, what your goals are, and an brief history. Then I will give you quick overview of the path we would likely take to help you reach your goals.

The initial assessment typically lasts about 75 minutes. The purpose of the initial assessment is for me to get a full picture of your history, your current health challenges, and give you a plan to get you started.

— I want to hear your story. What got you to where you are now? What have you tried in the past and how did it work for you? What are your struggles and strengths?
— Let’s talk through the assessment forms you fill out in detail. I want to know your goals, your symptoms, past medical history, labs/testing, supplements, eating habits, exercise habits, sleep, stress, and a bunch of other things to help me understand more of what your root issues may be.
— I will be honest and straightforward about what I think the best course of action is for you, but if that is overwhelming we’ll take a step back and start slow! I want you to leave my office encouraged and hopeful, not overwhelmed.
— We’ll discuss the big picture plan and then scale it down to 2-3 very specific short term goals to start with.
— You’ll leave with a better understanding of your body and your unique health issues, a plan to start the healing process, and the tools (meal plans, recipes, education etc) you need to be successful!


After we’ve developed your plan in the nutrition assessment, follow-ups give us a chance to sit down for 45 minutes and discuss your progress as well as the challenges you’ve run into.

If your initial plan didn’t work well for you, we dig in a little deeper and then tweak your plan until we find what works well. 
If you were successful with your first set of goals, we’ll take the next step (as you feel comfortable) toward helping your body heal. 

Follow-ups offer continued education, accountability, and support.

Personal training sessions last 45 minutes and are at my office in Manhattan, KS. 

Training session are different for everyone based on skill level and goals, but typically consist of a 5-7 minute warm up, 35 minute high intensity workout (don’t let this scare you…we go based on your skill level), and a 5 minute cool down. 

Sessions typically include compound body weight exercises along with the use of other equipment (TRX, BOSU, dumbbells, kettlebells, stability balls etc)

The same as personal training except more fun! Grab your spouse or a friend and workout together!

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I was diagnosed with SIBO over 7 years ago and had been struggling with digestive and inflammation issues ever since, along with many other symptoms tied to it. I seeked help from various sources, bought a book, read online, probiotics for 3 years, adjusted my diet, etc., but never found any good or lasting solutions. A year ago I began to have unbearable, constant worsening digestive symptoms along with all kinds of skin issues, muscle weakness, and even more fatigue and inflammation than before. I contacted Leslie last May and did a food sensitivity test and began working with her following a low FODMAP diet, with a few adjustments including avoiding the sensitive foods, along with various supplements. Leslie is wonderful to work with! She breaks it down and takes one thing at a time, is very positive and motivating. I did not feel overwhelmed like I thought I would. I could not believe how quickly I felt better! It is a work in progress but I’ve had amazing results. I am so pleased and would highly recommend Leslie!
– Rhonda H.