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Favorite Products

I either use these personally or have used them with good success with many clients!

**some links below are affliate links, but I only recommend what I personally or professionally use! 

Azure Standard:
I buy a bunch of great quality bulk foods for less! They have drop locations all over the U.S. and drop 1x/month. 

Shop Kansas Farms
Buy directly from the farmers!

Bone Broth: Kettle & Fire

Leaky Gut Healing Supplements

Fermented foods:
Search for “Bubbies” or “Nancy’s” or “Wildbrine” brands in store or at Azure Standard Market

Drink Wholesome: (choose the egg white protein powder) 10% discount with coupon “gracegoalsandguts”

Collagen: Amy Myers Collagen; Ancient Nutrition; Vital Proteins (get 15% off at Fullscript)

Drink Wholesome: (especially for gut health) 10% discount with coupon “gracegoalsandguts”

Little Seed Farm
The only natural deodorant that works for me! Plus lots of other great lotions, soaps, and face care products. 

Branch Basics
Non-toxic, fragrance free cleaning supplies. 

Dr. Bronner’s Soap:
I use the concentrate to make refillable hand soap.

If you’re up for making your own lotion, I love this body butter recipe! (I know it says for pregnancy, but it’s great for everyone!)

BOKA Toothpaste