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My Approach

— whole food based diet —

I practice a holistic and functional approach to health and wellness. This means together we’ll look at how different areas of your life are connected to your health as a whole. I will use my training and experience in both nutrition and exercise science to help you reach your goals and develop healthy lifestyle habits.

I believe that food is meant to not only nourish and provide fuel for our bodies, but also to be enjoyed and to bring people together.

My focus is on whole/real foods because I believe that whole foods as close to nature and as minimally processed as possible provide nutrients for optimal health and to promote healing. Our bodies have the amazing ability to heal themselves when provided with whole foods and a supportive environment.  I believe that God made food the way He meant for us to eat it – and in doing so our bodies will be nourished.

Whole food nutrition does not have to be as complicated as it seems. It is simply eating foods they way they are found in nature: food from trees and plants; food from animals; foods we recognize in their natural forms. In eating these foods the body is provided the nutrients it needs to function properly. A diet deficient in nutrients leads to premature aging of the body, and is susceptible to chronic, degenerative diseases as well as psychological and emotional imbalances.

I recognize that nutrition is not “one-size fits all”, but rather requires different approaches depending on each individual’s state of health, lifestyle, and environment. What may be healing to one person’s body, may cause inflammation and harm to another. We'll work to find what your unique body needs!

I hope to share with you in your journey what I have learned and continue to learn. I believe that it is in the small steps that we create lasting change.

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