Making The Switch To Whole Foods E-Course



Over 75 pages of information and helpful tools to help make your transition to whole foods easy and enjoyable!

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Making The Switch to Whole Foods E-Course lays out our philosophy on a whole food based diet in an easy-to-follow format. It is broken down into 9 educational sections that include practical application steps. Each section is meant to empower you with the knowledge to make consistent positive improvements in your intake that will translate into a lasting transformation in your health and well-being.


Making The Switch To Whole Foods E-Course focuses on making lifestyle changes toward eating a more wholesome diet while still incorporating a balanced and grace-giving approach!


Along with the 9 sections, we have also included:

Steps for Exchanging Food

Real Food Label Reading

Recipe Substitution Guide

Weekly Meal Planning Sheets

Surviving The Supermarket Guide

Fats & Oils Information Guide

How To Stock A Whole Food Kitchen

Whole Food Resources Guide

1-Week Meal Plan with Recipes

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Snapshot of the 9 different sections and what you will learn in each:

Section 1: Fruits & Vegetables:
Vitamin and minerals, where to buy, homemade produce wash, correct food combining, tips and recipe ideas to make veggies more enjoyable.

Section 2: Fats & Oils:
The importance and uses of fat in the body, different types of fat and the compositions of common oils, the best ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids and how to balance, how to store fats, and when to use certain fats in cooking.

Section 3: Whole Grains:
 The grains and gluten controversy, being your own detective, soaking and sprouting grains, leaky gut and digestive issues, better options and choices for whole grains.

Section 4: Meat & Fish:
Proteins and essential amino acids, protein and blood sugar control, protein and weight loss, what to look for in meats, healthier lunch meat alternatives and recipe ideas.

Section 5: Sugars & Sweeteners:
Sugar cravings, blood sugar balance, food combining, specific tips to fight sugar cravings, healthier sugar swaps.

Section 6: Dairy & Eggs:
Dairy controversy, raw milk, dairy alternatives, yogurt/kefir and probiotics, egg nutrients, and egg labeling.

Section 7: Beverages:
Water importance and use in the body, soda alternatives, kombucha and probiotics, coffee and caffeinated drinks, juices and juicing.

Section 8: Convenience & Snack Foods:
Healthy snack ideas, how to navigate snack and pre-packaged foods, marketing schemes — what to watch out for and what to ignore.

Section 9: Seasonings, Condiments, & Baking Products:
Salt – how much and what kind is the best, why your body needs salt, unrefined vs refined salt, keys to buying/making healthier condiments, herbs/spices and their importance, what to look for in common condiments.



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