L. Allen RD/LD

Natural Hormonal Acne Remedies

While many things contribute to acne, one of the biggest players is your hormones. Hormonal acne often occurs due to excess androgen production which sends a message to your oil glands which then secrete more sebum and results in acne breakouts. High levels of androgens and/or an imbalance in the […]

hormonal acne


Boosting Your Immunity

We’ve all been inundated with info surrounding covid-19 the past few months, but have you sought out information on your immune system — your BEST defense!?! Focusing on boosting your immunity will serve you well all winter long. Your immune system is powerful! Without it you wouldn’t survive long. Unfortunately, […]

Supplements to Boost Fertility

I am a firm believer that supplements are to be added to a healthy diet – or at least one that you are working to improve!  While you cannot out-supplement a poor diet, supplements can help boost your fertility. Women who are nourished have a greater chance of natural conception […]

fertility supplements