1 Month Full Body Weights Workout



Full body workout plan for 1 month

Follow the plan, reap the results!

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Lifting weights not only strengthens your muscles, it can also provide cardiovascular benefit, improve your balance, provide muscle tone, increase your metabolism (so you burn more calories at rest), improve mental health and much more! This full body weights workout plan is best used if you have access to free weights (dumbells and bars), weight machines, stability ball, and plyo boxes.


Each week is broken down into 4 workouts based on different muscle groups. Each workout includes 6-10 exercises with rep and set recommendation for your targeted muscle group(s).  Workouts should take 40-60 minutes depending on how much rest you take between sets. 


Here is a sample of the workout overview

  Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4
Week 1 Full Body 1 Lower 1 Upper and Core 1 Full Body 2
Week 2 Full Body 1 (increase set) Lower 1 (increase set) Upper & Core (increase set) Full Body 2 (increase set)
Week 3 Full Body 3 Lower & Core Upper Full Body 4
Week 4 Full Body 3 (increase set) Lower & Core (increase set) Upper (increase set) Full Body 4 (increase set)