Jumpstart Package



3 Sessions:
Initial Assessment (60-75 minutes)
2 Follow-ups (40-45 minutes)




Leslie has very patiently worked with me to find the foods that negatively impact me and guided me in adopting healthier lifestyle habits. She has had so much perseverance and patience in helping me find the answers to my digestive troubles. She is also extremely positive and very good about reminding me about the progress I have made.

Since working with Leslie my main digestive issues have cleared up, I have increased energy, and a healthier relationship with food. The recipes she recommends are ones that my entire family will eat and the ingredients are easy to find. Grace, Goals & Guts is a very appropriate name! Leslie helps you learn to have grace on yourself, helps you set achievable goals and encourages you to have the guts to tackle your goals!

K. C.

*I came to Leslie after many years of trying to lose weight on my own with little to no success. I could tell after our first meeting that she genuinely cared and wanted to help me, so I was immediately at ease and looking forward to working with her. She has taught me so much about listening to my body and what it's telling me about the foods I'm eating. I've learned more in the few short months of working with Leslie than I have in the many years of doing Weight Watchers, Atkins, calorie counting, etc. I now know what foods to avoid in order to feel better and allow my body to do what it's supposed to do. I'm looking forward to seeing less of me by this time next year thanks to Leslie!

C. S.