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— finally, a light gut again —


Although many will tell you that having a bowel movement once every 3 days is normal, it is not.  Keeping your bowels moving regularly is an important part of your overall health and a major player in getting rid of waste materials and toxins. If you aren't normally having at least 1 bowel movement per day, you may be constipated. 

Do you relate to any of these?

  • I typically have less than 1 bowel movement / day
  • My bowel movements jump back and forth between constipation and diarrhea
  • I've been given a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • I often don't feel cleaned out after a bowel movement
  • I don't like having a bowel movement anywhere but home 
  • My gut often feels heavy or full
  • My bowel movements are difficult to pass or hard / pellet-like
  • I regularly have to use stool softeners or laxatives
  • “Drink more water, eat more fiber” doesn't help my bowel movements
Constipation can affect your quality of life, but it doesn’t have to!

Common Causes of Constipation:

There are many contributors to constipation, but we’ll work to narrow down and heal your root issues while giving you some effective remedies in the mean time.

Common Treatments for Constipation:

There are many tips and tricks to help your bowels move regularly and with ease. While you’re addressing the root issues, try using a squatty potty, magnesium citrate, stomach massage, relaxation techniques and much more!

I have experienced many GI issues and was told I had IBS 6 years ago. I tried different laxatives and finally was put on a pill to take daily to help me. I already have to take a lot of pills and I wanted to see if there was a way to improve my constipation through my diet instead of relying on a pill. I met with Leslie and we talked about the different options I could do, and I chose to go on an elimination diet to see if I had any food sensitivities that I wasn’t aware of.

Going on the diet was hard, but with Leslie continually checking in with me, really helped me get through it. She also provided me with recipes which helped relieve stress of trying to find my own recipes that didn’t have any of the food groups that I couldn’t eat. I was able to figure out what food group was bothering me, and found out ways to continually improve my gut health! I now only take my pill when needed, which is about a week to a couple of weeks, which is such a big improvement for me! If I had any questions throughout the process, Leslie would answer them and I really appreciated that. She also frequently checked in to see how I was doing, which was also really helpful!

– Laura M.

I want to have normal bowel movements again.

Not sure if we’d be a good fit…